Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life 

Fashion is not only for the parties and outings where you have to dress to make a point. Speaking of being fashionable is how you carry yourself in any situation, be it an outing, a party or you must say the office hours when you go for work.

Yes, we are talking about business and corporate women. What you will wear to your place of work often troubles women in business! Of course you cannot wear funky bright colored attire on a business Monday morning. It makes you feel out of the box and sends an inappropriate message to your colleagues.

You need to dress for the job you have to do and not for the one you like to wear.


Corporate women can wear a modern suit because it consists of restrained, slim, cropped pants and streamlined skirts made from fine fabrics. Though unadorned, these business suits are apt for office wear. Women can also dress up in a tailored jacket with straight leg trousers. The options are endless when it comes to business wear for women.

Your responsibility is making you presentable in a business environment, look professional, and respectable.

 Keeping things simple, here are few of the choices a woman can opt for office wear attire:

Choose clean crisp outfits that bring quality in you.

You need to create the first good impression when you are in a board meeting or giving some business presentations

Being a corporate lady, we trust you can definitely make smart choices regarding on what attires to invest on from the hard-earned money.

You can choose to have a penny-pinched closet but then it should look shoddy. The price might appear like a lot initially, actually, you can save more if you focus on quality business attire and not quantity. When you choose high-quality business formals, you can wear these numerous times for years, thus making the cost per every wear significantly low.

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Choose superlative, staple business attire

Even if it sounds harsh, the truth is, looks do matter a lot. 

Always buy in moderation and not in excess! When you shop, focus on dress materials as well as craftsmanship instead of buying too many average quality outfits. When you have a wardrobe full of quality business suits and pants, proper care and maintenance are important. Make sure you have all your business outfits tailored, professionally cleaned frequently as and when required. You must also hang such clothes on velvet hangers and not wire hangers.

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Team up with the right accessories

Besides suits, pants, and tops, you also have business footwear. Take good care of them and take these to a cobbler for polishing and maintenance. Care and upkeep go a long way in keeping your corporate attire last for years without having the need to buy them often.


In a very trendy fashionable business world, staying smart, up-to-date and trendy is the need of the hour. Experimenting is good, but experiment wisely.

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