What is Business Casual?

As quoted in Wikipedia, Business casual is an ambiguously defined Western dress code that is generally considered casual wear but with smart components of a proper lounge suit from traditional informal wear, adopted for white-collar workplaces.

 Dressing styles have changed in the 20TH century, the old styles have been revamped and new ideas have been clubbed for the dress codes. People love experimenting a lot with their fashions, styles and attires nowadays.

 New trends such as casual Fridays have begun in work places. We are seeing this trend rising in the work cultures, as people opt to choose completely different style attires for the weekend office hours rather than the normal Monday to Thursday business attires.

 This article today looks at what business casual attires are, with some tips on how to avoid making a wardrobe malfunction of your dressing sense: 

Business Casuals for Men

A formal suit and tie is no longer a requirement in many workplaces. So, has the attire styles changed over the times? Here are some suggestions on what pieces are acceptable for men's business casual attire:


Polo shirts, collared and/or buttoned shirts, crew neck or V-neck sweaters or sweater vests. Sweatshirts and t-shirts may be allowed in informal settings, or for employees with non-customer-facing roles. In most cases it is best to stick to solid color T-shirts instead of those with logos or graphics. Choosing formal top-wear for yourself, come have a look at the design patterns available at budget work wear.


Blazers, cardigans or suit jackets may be the best choice for a jacket. Don’t choose something very flashy and flashy and eye catchy. Click here for formal jackets

  • PANTS 

Dress slacks, chinos, khakis or corduroys. Denim pants may be accepted in some workplaces/industries, especially if paired with a more formal item of clothing like a blazer. Click here for pants from budget work wear.

  • SHOES 

Closed-toe shoes like Oxfords, derby shoes, brogues or monk shoes. In some workplaces, slip-on loafers may be acceptable.


Good clean, minimal designed dress socks. Avoid over flashy socks or athletic socks.

  • TIES 

Wearing a tie or a bow tie is optional. It either depends on the person who wants to wear or the occasion if it demands for.

Business Casual for Women


Collared and/or buttoned blouses, long- or short-sleeved tops and sweaters, make sure the dignity is maintained and the cleavage, midriff areas are not exposed.

Backless tops, tank tops, sweatshirts and t-shirts may best be avoided. In most cases it is best to stick to business color T-shirts instead of those with graphics and flashy designs.


If you choose to wear one, suit jackets, cardigans, twinsets or blazers are all good options.


Knee-length skirts are adequate in most business casual settings. Skirts slightly above the knee may be acceptable in industries like fashion and retail, though it depends on the specific role you have. Miniskirts or skirts with a high slit should be avoided at all business places.


Either on their own or paired with a jacket, cardigan or blazer. Ideally, dresses should be knee-length. It's best to avoid extremes (for example, mini or maxi dresses and slip dresses) unless you work in the fashion industry.


Dress slacks, chinos, cropped pants or khakis. Dressy capri pants or palazzo-style pants in dark, solid colors may also be worn. Denim pants may be accepted in some workplaces. Please avoid slashed, distressed jeans at all costs, these are a big No No for any type of business attires.


Choose flats or closed-toe shoes and, in most cases, avoid sandals. Definitely avoid flip-flops. Ballet pumps, classic loafers, courts, Oxford or brogues are a safe bet. In some cases, peep-toe classic shoes can be acceptable.


It's wise to avoid platform heels, stilettos, wedges and block heels. Acceptable heel styles would include stacked or tapered heels, no higher than 3 inches preferably.


Dark-colored socks or dress socks are the standard. Wearing pantyhose is not usually required in workplaces with a business casual dress code but if you choose to wear them, go for opaque or nude shades of pantyhose – never patterned or in colors other than black, navy or nude.

These were the tips we wanted to share with you all for the business casual options. Budget work wear is a popular online retailer selling a large variety of business attires, come visit our website to have a look at our collection and become our privileged customers.