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King Gee Work Pants at Budget Workwear

By Praveen Gowda
on October 02, 2019
King Gee Work Pants at Budget Workwear

At your workplace, the factor that you consider the most important will be your comfort. And comfort is mainly provided to you by the work clothes that you wear. At times when you are not comfortable with a product, you can find that your productivity has decreased.

Having the most comfortable of workwear is thus a necessity, and King Gee workwear products delivers exactly that. A range of products that delivers comfort to the wearer distinguishes King Gee brand, and Budget Workwear takes pride in hosting a good range of King Gee products. Among them, we deliver the best in class workwear pants from King Gee.

King Gee work pants comes with many innovative and protection features like knee pads to deliver exceptional knee protection, tough ripstop fabric crafted exclusively for industrial uses to prevent tearing and abrasions, seams that are triple stitched so that it is durable, cooling eyelets to induce more airflow, multifunctional pockets that can carry anything for you and so on. These all could be the reasons behind mates running after this brand.

At Budget Workwear, you can shop for a variety of King Gee Work Pants. Budget Workwear is Australia’s leading destination for shopping all sorts of workwear. With us, you can have different types of King Gee work pants such as Workcool Drill Pant, Workcool 2 Pants, Worn GS Tradies Pants, Easy Care Utility Pant, Traditional Chinos Pant, Wash N’ Wear Trouser, Drill Trousers for Women and such.

Budget Workwear makes sure that all the products that we sell are compliant to all industry standards and that they meet the benchmarks that we set to ensure that we deliver our customers with the best products. This quality service has ensured that we stay the most trusted online store in Australia. We also provide the best products at the best rates in the industry, and our Embroidery Services have no match.

Shop for your favourite King Gee Work Pants from Budget Workwear and experience wonderful shopping and more savings. Visit our online store now.

Best Selling KingGee Ranges at Incredible Prices

By Praveen Gowda
on July 18, 2019
Best Selling KingGee Ranges at Incredible Prices

For over 90 years, KingGee has been at the forefront of providing quality apparel to all Aussies. KingGee has a whole lot of products created with care, and it accounts for its awesome quality. 

What sets KingGee brand a class apart from the other brands is that it has been a brand that constantly evolved according to each change in the work environment. This has helped them to bring out a wide range of products that catered to each need of the Aussies. And now let’s meet some of those ranges:

  • Work cool Range - The KingGee Workcool range is designed to keep you cool so that you can work cool. This range is abounded with technology and innovation and is the best out there for the hot conditions. No matter how hot it is out there, be sure that you would get the best comfort out of each product from this range.

The products of the Workcool range would be made from lightweight and breathable fabric that lets in cool air and expels hot air so that the wearer stays cool and comfortable. To add to this, there would also be cooling vents on the heat stress areas. These vents also help in letting out hot air and letting in cool air. Work cool currently has 2 ranges, the Workcool 1 and Workcool 2. 

Another great innovation of the Workcool range is Hyperfreeze technology. The Workcool Hyperfreeze is a cooling innovation that harnesses perspiration from the wearer's body to lower the temperature of the fabric and keep them cool. The cooling properties of this range are derived from Xylitol, a substance used in mint confectionery. The fabric also has moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and fresh all day long. The infrared blocking properties also adds to the cooling properties of the range 

Well, now don’t let the heat bother you, but keep on working cool.

  • Tradies Range - Workwear is often thought of as garments without any style. Well, though in the earlier days this was the case, now it is not. Thanks to great designing and innovations, you can now have the best workwear, providing the best safety, durability and comfort, with a fashion edge.

Yes, the Tradies Range of workwear from KingGee is designed to be functional workwear that has unique styling. From this range, you can have a whole range of wardrobe options for the whole year-round. This range also provides each of its customers with products that cater to a wide variety of working conditions.

The products from the Tradies range would sport tough and durable fabrics. These products would also be bar-tacked and riveted at stress points so that it doesn’t easily wear and tear. Additional reinforcements at key wear areas can also help these products stay for long.

These are two of the awesome ranges from KingGee which helps each tradie to work well and push his performance limits.  And now, why did we tell in detail about these brands? It is because these are the best selling brands at Budget Work Wear. As you all know, Budget Work Wear is Australia’s leading online store from where you can purchase the best garments at the best rates in the industry.

And now the most important question - how much will the products of the Workcool and Tradies range cost? Well, now you can purchase a collection of these quality products at the lowest cost possible, in 3 Packs sale. The products you can purchase are:

Tradies Range

King Gee Narrow Tradie Pant (K13280), King Gee Tradies Shirt S/S (K14355), King Gee Tradie Sum Shorts (K17340)

 Work cool Range

King Gee Hyperfreeze Spliced L/S Polo-(K54235), King Gee Work Cool S/S Polo Shirt (K54205) for, KingGee Workcool 2 Shirt L/S - Cotton Ripstop (K14820).

KingGee Workcool 2 Shirt S/s - Cotton Ripstop (K14825), KingGee Workcool 2 Pants (K13820), KingGee Workcool 2 Shorts (K17820).

Work cool 2 Hi-Vis

KingGee Workcool 2 Spliced Shirt L/s - Cotton Ripstop (K54870), KingGee Workcool 2 Reflective Spliced Shirt S/S ( K54875), KingGee Workcool 2 'hoop' Tape Shirt L/s - Cotton Ripstop Fabric (K54880)

Purchase the best KingGee products from the Workcool 1, WorkCool 2 and the Tradies ranges to experience better work times at your workplace. Now purchase them at discounted costs with 3 Packs Deal and avail Free Shipping offer on the products. Visit Budget Work Wear online store now.

Budgetworkwear at Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne Quest 2014

By Harish Sabnani
on February 27, 2014
The Indian community in Melbourne is extremely excited about the Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne pageant. Ispirit & Budget Workwear definitely are! 
We’re joining hands with Ispirit as award partners for the event. Ispirit Fashions goal is to let women flaunt their true beautiful selves through fashion that will speak loudly of them. A demure ladylove, a strong willed go-getter, a full of life teenager, a shy woman or a real attention grabber, Ispirit has many products to offer you. Our products come to you at the most competitive, could even say lowest, prices in Australia. 
Budget Workwear with Ispirit will be presenting 40 gift hampers and trophies to the contestants at various stages. Watch this space for more information on the winners and details of gift hampers.
Be sure to check out the event’s https://www.facebook.com/events/258501277627699/
More about the event:
Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne Quest is a great platform for smart and talented women and men from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. The event organizer Anamika Sri has stated that the competition will concentrate on contestant‘s accomplishments and will help develop them personally and professionally. 
Pageants like these are to be applauded for the effort they make in identifying exceptional men and women from across the country. 
Plus, it offers great exposure to the winners. Two of the women winners proceed to Minnesota as Miss and Ms India Global United. Two others under the Mrs category will get to travel to Kuala Lumpur as Mrs. India Universe and Mrs. Australia Universe.
The beauty pageant will be held at the Village Green Hotel, Mulgrave on Saturday, March 1. We hope you will all be there to cheer the contestants.
Ispirit and Budget Workwear are all set to surprise the contestants with amazing gifts!
Ispirit at Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne Quest 2014

One more reason, 20% more savings on King Gee

By Harish Sabnani
on March 28, 2013

At Budget Workwear we always find new reasons to give you good discounts. We really do, with Easter just around the corner, how can we not do something amazing for you?

King Gee, as most of you would already know, is a top brand which supplies industrial and hi-visiblity workwear. We love their products simply because their plan and ours pretty much match – keep you cool, protected and comfortable!

Check out the King Gee range here, http://www.budgetworkwear.com.au/collections/king-gee. We are offering 20% off on the entire range of King Gee Polos, hi-vis clothes, pants, shorts and overalls. Frankly, given the great quality and durability, this offer is a steal. So don’t delay, go on and make your pick. It’s a limited period offer and we welcome you to take as much advantage of this as you can.

At the time of checkout, please remember to use coupon code eastersale to get the 20% offer!

The best product in the industry made available to you at a great deal – have you made your purchase yet?

Shout out and let us know through comments or call us 1300 155 055 and shout for real! We hope easter is looking good on your side. As for us, we’ve tried to make it good for you, our dear customers!


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