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Gents Fleecy from Biz Collection at Budget Work Wear

By Praveen Gowda
on August 29, 2019
Gents Fleecy from Biz Collection at Budget Work Wear

If quality is of prime importance for you, then Biz Collection is the brand for you. If your comfort is of importance for you, then purchase products from Biz Collection. If you want a product that functions the best in all conditions, then the Biz Collection is the best. Well, for anything and everything, look no further than Biz Collection.

Bi Collection is the one brand that manufactures products by keeping everyone’s interests in heart. No matter how small or simple they are, you are sure to receive them in each product you purchase from Biz Collection. Biz Collection is a brand that knows the style and delivers them along with quality and durability.

Biz Collection is a brand that believes that only by providing the best will one be considered as best and be the most sought after. They function based on this philosophy and thus provide the best to the people, who, due to the quality that they receive, come back for more. To ensure the quality and the standard of their products, Biz Collection lets its fabrics undergo stringent testing, and only uses those that pass the tests.

Biz Collection is a brand that brings out a great range of products that includes uniforms, team wear, promotional apparel and such. Among these different types of products, we can see a great collection of fleecy garments. Fleecy garments are those that can be defined as “made of or lined with a soft, warm fabric.”

Fleece are products that are designed to provide the wearer with warmth, though being lightweight, and would be made from polyester synthetic wool. Polar fleece fabric was developed with the purpose to mimic and even surpass wool, which it easily did. Polar fleece is a light, strong pile fabric that is soft, and easy to wash. Warm and soft, fleece has some of wool's good qualities but weighs only a fraction of the lightest of wools. The best feature is that even if this fabric is wet, it retains most of its insulating features. Polar fleece fabric is used commonly in jackets, sweaters, sweatpants, gym clothes, hoodies, blankets, high-performance outdoor clothing and such.

Biz Collection manufactures fleecy garments for all genders and kids. The Gents Fleecy products from Biz Collection are the most sought after in Australia, thanks to its quality, and at Budget Work Wear, we have a good collection of Gents Fleecy from Biz Collection. Each product is made with precise care and detail to serve its function easily and provide the best comfort to its wearers.

The products that you can purchase from this category at Budget Work Wear are Biz Collection Mens Trinity Vest (F10513), Biz Collection Mens Plain Microfleece Vest (F233MN), Biz Collection Mens Trinity 1/2 Zip Pullover (F10510), Biz Collection Men's Polar Fleece Jacket (PF630), Biz Collection Mens Core Microfleece (F235ML) and the Biz Collection Men's Heavy Weight 1/2 Zip Poly Fleece (PF380). These quality products can be purchased at the best affordable rates in Australia from Budget Work Wear.

Budget Work Wear is the leading online store that provides quality workwear, casual wear, team wear and promotional clothing at the best prices in the industry. Our purpose is to help the Aussies get the best of everything and not letting them compromise on anything.

At Budget Work Wear, you can decorate your products with the logo of your organization or any other design through our Embroidery Services. At Budget Work Wear, the embroidery services you can avail are Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. Our Embroidery Services are provided at the best affordable rates and you won’t have to pay any setup fees for availing our services.

Purchase the best quality Biz Collection Gents Fleecy at the best rates from Budget Work Wear. Visit our online store now.

Awesome Ladies Skirts at Budget Work Wear

By Praveen Gowda
on July 08, 2019
Awesome Ladies Skirts at Budget Work Wear

History teaches us that skirts were a garment that was used by men and women alike in the olden days, and the term is used to refer to any garment that covers the person from the waist downwards. In this sense, skirts are still used by men, but now this term is used to refer to a specific type of garment worn by women.

Now, skirts are the part of uniform formal wear and dress code for women, is also worn as a business, casual and office wear, and also as sportswear. Skirts are usually created to provide comfort and ease of movement to the wearers. Thus, they are usually created from light to midweight fabrics that are easy on the legs.

Skirts are a principal garment of women and many brands have brought out quality skirts in Australia. Among these many brands, Biz Collection is a brand worth mentioning because they manufacture products that have the best quality and comply with all fabric standards. They are a brand that knows the style and the desire of every Aussie.

At Budget Work Wear, you can purchase some quality Ladies Skirts from Biz Collection. Budget Work Wear is set up as an online store, where Aussies can buy the best workwear, safety wear, casual clothing, promotional wear and such at the best prices in the industry. We are all about letting no Aussie compromise on anything, mainly price and quality. The ladies skirts that we provide at Budget Work Wear includes:

  1. Biz Collection Detroit Ladies Skirt (BS612S) - The Biz Collection Detroit Ladies Skirt is made from a fabric blend of 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose. The fabric is a Teflon stain resistance fabric that is durable and requires only easy care. For added waist comfort and fit, this skirt has a flexi-band feature, exclusive for it. On the functional side, you can see 2 angled pockets in the front and 2 back welt pockets. If you want to add to the length, you can find that this skirt sports a 5 cm hem. This skirt is available in 2 colours - Black and Navy and can be purchased at an affordable price of $33.95.
  2. Biz Collection Ladies Classic Knee Length Skirt (BS128LS) - The Biz Collection Ladies Classic Knee Length Skirt is a skirt that has a mechanical stretch fabric with a stretch lining. This is an easy care skirt with a fabric blend of 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose. On the back of the skirt, you can find an inverted pleat and it also sports a curved waistband with loose belt loops. On the functional side, this skirt has 2 L-shaped front pockets. This skirt has a relaxed fit and has wider seams and a 5 cm seam for width and length alterations. This skirt can be purchased at $47.95 in colour options such as Navy, Black and Charcoal Marle.
  3. Biz Collection Ladies Classic Below Knee Skirt (BS29323) - The Biz Collection Ladies Classic Below Knee Skirt is made from 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose easy care fabric that is developed to make your day easier. This is a stretchable skirt made from a mechanical stretch fabric, with stretch lining. Coming in a relaxed fit style, you can find that this product has a reinforced centre back split for added comfort and durability. This skirt also sports a curved waistband with loose belt loops and 2 front welt pockets. For easy alteration, you can find this skirt having wider seams and 5cm hem allowance. This skirt comes in colour options such as Black, Charcoal Marle and Navy, and can be purchased for an affordable price of $47.95.
  4. Biz Collection Loren Ladies Skirt (BS734L) - The Biz Collection Loren Ladies Skirt (BS734L) sports a 4-way stretchable feature and is made of a fabric that is 62% Polyester, 35% Viscose and 3% Elastane. This also sports an easy-care fabric that is machine washable and crease resistant. This awesome skirt sports a modern knee-length style and also has belt loops, for added comfort, you can find this skirt having been lined fully with a stretch lining. It also has a reinforced centre back zip and skirt vent. For length alterations, you can find a 5 cm hem allowance. This skirt comes in Black and Navy colours and can be purchased for $49.95.

At Budget Work Wear, you only get to purchase the best products and never the mediocre ones, which has made us the favourite online store of the people. The fact that we provide products at the best competitive prices in the industry has endeared us more to the people.

Purchase the best Biz Collection Ladies Skirts from Budget Work Wear at the best prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.

1000+ Reviews and Counting

By Harish Sabnani
on February 09, 2016

Thinking of buying workwear and uniforms online? Well, you have come to the right store. Budget Workwear is Australis best online store that offers the nation’s best workwear brands like Bilsey Workwear, King Gee Workwear, Hard Yakka, DNC and best uniform brands like Biz Collection, Aussie Pacific and JBS Wear to name a few.

Budget Workwear is a family owned company and operates out of the hills district in Sydney. We have a showroom at the Castle Hill that serves businesses in the area. Walk in to our showroom for samples and size ranges of all workwear that include Work pants and shorts, Work Shirts, Hi Visibility taped shirts, Hi Vis Polos and Hi Vis Vests.  We also have samples of team wear uniforms like Polos, business shirts, singlets and winter samples of fleece and jackets.

Budget Workwear predominant business is online and we ship nationally at a flat rate of $11.00; we are one of the only online workwear businesses that ship multiple brands in one shipping fee. So if you are a brand enthusiast and would like to try different brands, feel free to buy one DNC Workwear, one Stubbies and 1  Bisley garment, we will still charge one shipping fee.

Many of our competitors ask us how do we keep our prices so low and yet offer such low shipping charge?  Well that’s our trade secret but for you, the ultimate customer – its savings on workwear, savings on uniforms and savings on print and embroidery.

And that is the reason we have more than 1000 happy customers, read our reviews here http://www.budgetworkwear.com.au/pages/top-reviews-from-our-customers

We feel good and are pushed to serve you even better when we read stuff like this

Budget Workwear - too long a well-kept secret! Their workwear is excellent quality, their service is first class and their prices are very, very competitive. Highly recommended!

And this,

Budget workwear I would recommend wide variety of clothing, pricing is very good, postage fast. Thankyou Budget will shop again.

So next time if you are after workwear, safetywear and unforms, look no further. Google us and we will be right there.

And when you are online, don’t forget to sign up on our news letters or connect with us on https://www.facebook.com/BudgetWorkwear/ to get first time buyer offers.

Budgetworkwear at Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne Quest 2014

By Harish Sabnani
on February 27, 2014
The Indian community in Melbourne is extremely excited about the Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne pageant. Ispirit & Budget Workwear definitely are! 
We’re joining hands with Ispirit as award partners for the event. Ispirit Fashions goal is to let women flaunt their true beautiful selves through fashion that will speak loudly of them. A demure ladylove, a strong willed go-getter, a full of life teenager, a shy woman or a real attention grabber, Ispirit has many products to offer you. Our products come to you at the most competitive, could even say lowest, prices in Australia. 
Budget Workwear with Ispirit will be presenting 40 gift hampers and trophies to the contestants at various stages. Watch this space for more information on the winners and details of gift hampers.
Be sure to check out the event’s https://www.facebook.com/events/258501277627699/
More about the event:
Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne Quest is a great platform for smart and talented women and men from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. The event organizer Anamika Sri has stated that the competition will concentrate on contestant‘s accomplishments and will help develop them personally and professionally. 
Pageants like these are to be applauded for the effort they make in identifying exceptional men and women from across the country. 
Plus, it offers great exposure to the winners. Two of the women winners proceed to Minnesota as Miss and Ms India Global United. Two others under the Mrs category will get to travel to Kuala Lumpur as Mrs. India Universe and Mrs. Australia Universe.
The beauty pageant will be held at the Village Green Hotel, Mulgrave on Saturday, March 1. We hope you will all be there to cheer the contestants.
Ispirit and Budget Workwear are all set to surprise the contestants with amazing gifts!
Ispirit at Miss Mrs Mr India Melbourne Quest 2014

Do the MATH!

By Harish Sabnani
on September 06, 2013

Do the Math!

How good are you at maths? If you answered that question with a 'Pretty Good', then yay. Read on! If you answered 'Pretty Poor' we have another question for you. How good are you at saving money? All of us want to be good at that, do we not? Step one would be to not fall for offers that look way more attractive than they actually are. For instance,

FREE SHIPPING is great! But have you compared the actual price? We’ve noticed that a number of competitor websites advertise Free Shipping, but con you by adding a whole lot of $ to the actual price of the product.

Another case is where they say BEST PRICE! This is awesome. But, what about the shipping charges. When the product price is less, shipping charges go over the skies.

In short, no matter how attractive the deal sounds, you often end up shelling out more than intended for a product that's much more affordable.

Why are we telling you this?

Well, we want you to be in the knowing. Know where your money is going and understand why. Budget Workwear is in the business of serving our clients convenience on a platter. And when you get a taste of us, we want the after taste to be remarkable as well. We strongly believe in repeat clients. No one time stands for us. We want you to be able to trust our prices and quality without any concern.

Budget Workwear is honest and upfront, like you. No extravagant shipping charges, hidden handling, admin charges, even more hidden 'god knows what it's for' charges.

No matter what anybody claims (including us), decide on purchase only after adding products to the cart and checking the final price. The final number is what decides your savings. Also, please don't forget to compare prices on multiple vendor websites. Next time you plan on buying workwear, we request you to do this. 

If you find Budget Workwear to be expensive, simply call 1300 155 055 and we will happily do a price match for you! You can also email sales@budgetworkwear.com.au and place a price match request. We will revert at the earliest!

Budget Workwear will undoubtedly offer you the best price. We believe that every penny of yours counts. So be extra smart and pay just for what you're buying. And yes, our interesting discounts and offers will make online shopping all the more affordable!

We are always brainstorming to come up with ideas. Ideas that will make your experience exciting and give you more reasons to come back every time you’re in need! Do you have an idea? Tell us about it! If it’s feasible, we’re up for it!

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