Do the Math!

How good are you at maths? If you answered that question with a 'Pretty Good', then yay. Read on! If you answered 'Pretty Poor' we have another question for you. How good are you at saving money? All of us want to be good at that, do we not? Step one would be to not fall for offers that look way more attractive than they actually are. For instance,

FREE SHIPPING is great! But have you compared the actual price? We’ve noticed that a number of competitor websites advertise Free Shipping, but con you by adding a whole lot of $ to the actual price of the product.

Another case is where they say BEST PRICE! This is awesome. But, what about the shipping charges. When the product price is less, shipping charges go over the skies.

In short, no matter how attractive the deal sounds, you often end up shelling out more than intended for a product that's much more affordable.

Why are we telling you this?

Well, we want you to be in the knowing. Know where your money is going and understand why. Budget Workwear is in the business of serving our clients convenience on a platter. And when you get a taste of us, we want the after taste to be remarkable as well. We strongly believe in repeat clients. No one time stands for us. We want you to be able to trust our prices and quality without any concern.

Budget Workwear is honest and upfront, like you. No extravagant shipping charges, hidden handling, admin charges, even more hidden 'god knows what it's for' charges.

No matter what anybody claims (including us), decide on purchase only after adding products to the cart and checking the final price. The final number is what decides your savings. Also, please don't forget to compare prices on multiple vendor websites. Next time you plan on buying workwear, we request you to do this. 

If you find Budget Workwear to be expensive, simply call 1300 155 055 and we will happily do a price match for you! You can also email and place a price match request. We will revert at the earliest!

Budget Workwear will undoubtedly offer you the best price. We believe that every penny of yours counts. So be extra smart and pay just for what you're buying. And yes, our interesting discounts and offers will make online shopping all the more affordable!

We are always brainstorming to come up with ideas. Ideas that will make your experience exciting and give you more reasons to come back every time you’re in need! Do you have an idea? Tell us about it! If it’s feasible, we’re up for it!