Budget Workwear is always open to new additions – especially when the ‘new’ adds great value to our customers. We are always on the lookout for best in the market and this time around we found something fantastic. Meet Syzmik:

Syzmik is an in-house brand of Fashion Biz. Fashion Biz, as most of you already are aware of, is the top uniform manufacturer in the country. Budget Workwear is proud to make this alliance given the brand’s quality and safety standards

Syzmik understands risks and has witnessed tragedies that have shaken many in the past. Having deep understanding of what could go wrong is a great way to strengthen a business that predominantly deals with safety. Budget Workwear is convinced that Syzmik is dependable and has a wide array of products that can meet all your business needs. Hi-Vis Pants, Shorts, Shirts, Polos, Fleece, Winterwear, Vests.. They’ve got it all!

Budget Workwear is a VIP distributor of this brand. What does that mean for our customers? First of all, we have access to the best pricing and hence can offer you a deal that no one else in the market can. And, if you are considering changing your work gear for your staff, and would like to try out the brand first hand, simply send out a mail to sales@budgetworkwear.com.au  and we can offer FREE trail of garments.

You might also be interested in knowing that all Syzmik garments are available for customization. Embroidery, Screen Printing – You name it and personalized branding can be done without any hassle. Do read about our Embroidery and Screen Printing offerings. Our warehouse has ample stock. So place your order right away and get garments delivered just as quickly. We have very low minimums. Budget Workwear offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $250. Anything less than $250 will be shipped anywhere in the nation at a flat rate of $15!

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