Supacolour –a new printing method of decorating promotional products and apparels has arrived. Supacolour is originally based around the traditional process of a heat applied transfer but this form of printing produces a higher quality finish than traditional digital transfers popularly known in the market.

Let us find out what is so unique and what is different about it?

Supacolour addresses both of the agendas of colour vibrancy and fine detail in one press.

Colour Vibrancy

Compare a Supacolour print side by side to a normal digital transfer to see the vast difference. This advanced technology can make a lot of difference in terms of colour, brightness and vibrancy. Smooth gradient profiles and pixel-sharp photographic images are other strong points of the Supacolour process.

Fine Detail & Weeding

When a logo has fine detail components or small text, Supacolour addresses both of these requirements in one press, with no need for weeding or ‘blocks’ behind small detail and text in the image design. 


Supacolour is a much more professional and superior looking printing output compared to digital transfer.

What makes Supacolour stand out from the other present digital printing techniques?

The pricing factor

When one opts to print a logo containing multiple colours in the design, Supacolour can be the most cost effective process to produce the logo.

Supacolour with a very low MOQ and fixed low costing, provides distributors with the peace of mind knowing that any logo can be reproduced in full colour and detail, with no compromises to the design and customer

The smooth hand feel

Move your hands across a Supacolour printed finished product and you will immediately feel the difference. Once applied to a product, the Supacolour print has no raised edge or thick texture to it like other types of printings.

The ECO–Friendly Factor

Supacolour assures that the products they buy to represent their brand, are not produced with harmful consequences to the environment, their customers or themselves.

We like to stress upon this point….

The process has the leading advanced technology and materials are specifically sourced and implemented, to provide a safe and sustainable printing option for our planet and local environment.


With Supacolour, you can be sure you and your clients are getting products that are safe for them, their families and sustainable for our environment. Avail supacolor printing at Budget work wear for A2, A3 sizes, pocket sizes and even headwear.

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