The art of embroidery is much easier than you actually think!

The biggest challenge when embroidering on T-shirt fabric is the embroidered​embellishment on a T-shirt can be as tiny as a heart on a sleeve, as huge as a design filling the front.

It is important to know, stabilizers can be used for most embroidery for good finishes. Also, it is good to have removable stabilizers with clothing. The goal is to prevent the fabric from stretching with the use of any stabilizers, , which would distort the embroidery once it's removed from the hoop. To accomplish this, the stabilizer piece should be larger than the embroidery design one chooses and hoop you are using.

Customization or simply embellishing, whatever your purpose, embroidery gives you many choices. You have 2 methods of doing T-shirt embroidery:

  • Direct embroidery
  • Embroidery Patch

In direct embroidery, sewing the embroidery directly gets sewn onto the t-shirt fabric. Whereas in embroidery patch, the patch design is placed on top of the fabric and then it is attached.

Do you know how the two methods are chosen accordingly as per requirement?

The advantage of embroidery over printing other than the elegant look is that you can embroidery even small lots, unlike printing which becomes inexpensive only when a large number is printed.

The process of T-shirt embroidery

Firstly, for embroidery the flat graphic image has to be converted into a custom image. The designs on the computer are converted into a suitable format that is fed into the sewing machine. This is fed into the embroidery program on the computer of the sewing machine where the computer instructs the machine and the design is embroidered exactly as you imagined.

The size of embroidery decides the pricing of the design. The embroidery is usually priced by stitch count (number of stitches it takes to create a design in embroidery)


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