Budget Workwear has always given top priority to customer convenience. After all, our aim is to have repeat customers. We are constantly in the process of making things easier for you. A multitude of research is done from time-to-time to figure out various ways of easy navigation and behavioral patterns of clients. We’ve recently noticed a purchase pattern and have incorporated a change that will save our clients a great deal of time and money.


Budget Workwear has figured out that our clients often buy in threes. And hence we have introduced three-packs in all products with special pricing. In other words, buy 1 if you wish to but buy 3 at a cheaper price. We believe this will be profitable to people who prefer buying in lots.


Check this our for instance, http://www.budgetworkwear.com.au/collections/winter-sale/products/bisley-insect-protection-drill-shirt-long-sleeve-3-pack


Three of these shirts are now available to your at just $45.00. If you go the typical way, it would have cost you $194.85. Big savings, isn’t it?


Not just this, we have also introduced a new navigation button called ‘SALE’. You no longer have to keep an eye out for sale items. Simple hover over this tab and a dropdown with all the brands under discount will show up.


Check out the tab marked in RED.



When Budget Workwear says SALE, we mean it. A Bisley Insect Protection Pants would typically cost you $74.95. Buy it when we have a sale on and you get it at just $8.95. Should we further explain? 


Easy navigation, smart packages and straightforward offers – Budget Workwear has got it all!