Embracing the world – at just $25.00!

There’s a product that definitely fits your bill. The price tag on it works even better. But when you hit the BUY button comes a very unwelcome addition to the bill – SHIPPING CHARGES!

And more often than not, shipping charges are over the top and you can’t help but feel mildly exploited. There’s a strong feeling of being forced to pay for something you are not buying. While these charges cannot be avoided completely, Budget Workwear has now made it easier for our beloved clients.

We are based out of Australia. But no matter which part of the world our clients belong to; they can now order our products at flat shipping charge of $25.00.

To top this, Budget Workwear is setting a new record when it comes to local shipping. Hold on, that didn’t sound dramatic enough. Imagine Budget Workwear to be a huge muscular man with abs the size of a room; and now imagine that hunk shattering things with a Thor-sized hammer. What he is shattering is SHIPPING CHARGES. Alright, that just got way out of hand. Time to mellow down.

The point being – We have broken all shipping barriers! Budget Workwear is wiping out boundaries and can now ship to NZ at the same shipping cost as Australia. AU and NZ at just $11.00!  No hidden charges, nothing.

What this means for us is the great ability to serve clients from across the globe. We can now literally go global! If you are a client, it’s time to be excited. Australia’s best workwear brands are now available to you at:

  • Extremely competitive prices
  • Flat $25.00 shipping and free for orders over $500.00

Why go with Budget Workwear?

We sell only the top brands at prices you will find nowhere else. Our shipping charges are as low as it can get. Our Embroidery and Screen Printing services are simply the best in the market.

Why would you go anywhere else?

We’ll let you answer that question.

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With Budget Workwear, the world is a very small place! Buy online with us - save money & earn value!








Flat $25 shipping