Business attire is the choice of clothing you wear in professional settings. You might decide how to dress depending on the type of office you work in, for an interview or for a meeting. There are always varying levels of business attire ranging from “casual” to “business formal.” 

Options available are business casual, smart casual and business professional.

Based on the attire setting, you can decide which kind of business attire is appropriate for you. Let’s take a closer look at business attire works and the situations they’re appropriate for.

How Does Business Attire Work?

Business attire is most often dictated by a written company dress code, which can explain what is acceptable clothing and what is not. Remember, the level of formality of business attires depend on the workplace and is usually described in the company dress code. This must be observed and understood well, if you feel you have this ideology, you don’t always need an official dress code to understand what constitutes appropriate business attire in your workplace. Form a good idea of what clothing is appropriate by just looking around you.

Dressing to impress after you’ve been hired is a must!

After confirming your job and accepting a job offer, you may find yourself in an environment where business casual or just plain casual, is appropriate workplace attire. In that case, it’s important to avoid overdressing. It’s hard to gel with your new team when you’re wearing a three-piece suit and they’re in t-shirts and flip-flops. 

If you're not sure what you should wear, always ask! Making a bad impression when you show up on your first day of work not dressed correctly is not good. Always check in with HRs or your managers for insight into the typical dress code at your new place of employment. 

Expert tip!

Another reason to consider inquiring is that business wear do not have a strict definition.

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