Knee pads reduce the impact felt by the knees, protecting the knee caps and providing more comfortable kneeling. They should always be worn in jobs that require extended time on your knees such as carpet laying, roofing, tiling and more. The main purpose of knee pads is to protect the kneecap from any injuries.

Knee pads are not used for work only it can be used for sports like football, volleyball and basketball, etc. These sports exert heavy pressure on knees the knee pads help in avoiding any damage to them and protect and guard the knee against any injuries which could happen during  training or matches.

BUDGET WORK WEAR  houses some of the finest accessory collections of kneepads. There is a wide selection from top brands at affordable prices and you can choose which one you want to style yourself in. What are you waiting for?

Hard Yakka Legends Shaped Kneepads


Features of the product

Give your knees the ultimate protection with these Legends Ultimate Kneepads that are built to last longer, and tested to prove it.

  • Moulds to your knees – making it comfortable to wear
  • Low density polyethylene/EVA contoured kneepads – built to last longer
  • Tested to Australian standards – no damage to the knee pads after up to one million flexes
  • Able to be cut down to size
  • Versatile – suits Legends range of products including for men and women.
  • Color: Black
  • Size: M

Material use: Low density Polyethylene/EVA Contoured Knee Pads

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JB's Rhino Knee Pad


Features of the product

  • Cover: PVC; Shell fabric: 100% polyester 600D oxford; Padding: PE
  • 25cm length
  • One size fits
  • Colour available Black

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