Stubbies is a brand that rose to fame through the range of shorts they produced. In 1972, they started off with a stylish, low cost, all-purpose short, called the “short short”, which was an instant hit. From then on, it was a series of success stories, which helped Stubbies shorts to be known as “the little shorts for the big jobs”.

The term ‘Stubbies’ even entered the vernacular language and the word meant “short shorts of tough material for informal wear”. The popularity of Stubbies brand was also due to the great collection of products that it provided the Australian population with, that catered to needs of “work, rest and play.”

Though being a garment used from the earlier days, Shorts were a garment worn as outerwear only by young kids, until they reached a certain age or maturity. But now, the warmer climate and the need for maximum comfort has made men and ladies to adopt this garment as principal wear. It is worn mostly when more importance is given to comfort and airflow than protection.

Shorts are functional garments that can be used for a variety of purposes that include formal wear, casual wear and workwear. Shorts used as workwear should be highly durable and created of high-quality breathable fabrics so as to provide the wearer with comfort and protection and outperform the various tough needs of the industry.

As mentioned earlier, Stubbies is a brand famous for its range of work shorts. For these shorts to be the best, they should use the best fabrics that are durable and created in such a way that it easily copes with the various stress and pressures. Fabrics like Cotton drill, which is stout and durable, can be used for this purpose. This would be why most work shorts and other work clothing are made from it.

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  • Stubbies SE2010 Original Cotton Drill Short -  This quality work short is made from 100% cotton drill fabric that is the best for durability and comfort. The fabric comes with a starch finish and weighs 205 gsm. The half elasticated waist can ensure that you have the best fit and that it helps you to work better. The short is best for utility needs and it has a right back hip pocket, a right front outer fob pocket with flap. The single needle topstitched hemline can add to its durability. This short provides the best sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+. This short is available in Green, Black and Navy colours and in 87-112 sizes. You can purchase it for $13.95.
  • Stubbies BB5513 Single Pleat Drill Short - This short is made of 100% cotton drill fabric. The heavyweight fabric has a weight of 285 gsm. It is built for durability as it has reinforced bar tacks on pockets. This ensures that the pocket is resistant to wear and tear, and ripping. This short has deep side pockets that help you to carry your necessities around and there is also a  fob pocket for coins. The adjustable waist buckle straps can see to the fit of the garment. This short also has a UPF rating of 50+. This short is available in Bottle Green, Navy and Khaki colours. The sizes available ranges from 77R-132R, 92S-132S for Navy and Khaki and 77R-117R, 77S-117S for Bottle Green. You can purchase it for $19.95.
  • Stubbies Casual - Original Basic Stubbies Short (SE201L) - This short sports a regular weight Cotton Drill fabric with a weight of 190gsm. This ensures that the short lay easy on you at all times. This short comes in a starch finish and has a half elasticated waist that is the best for comfort. The right back hip pocket and the right front outer fob pocket with flap for coins can help you carry your necessities around. The short has a UPF rating of 50+. This short is available in Black, Green and Navy colours and in 117-132 sizes. You can purchase it for $13.95.
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