Just imagine a tradie carrying out his work in the dark or in a spot where people wouldn’t be able to spot him until it’s too late, or working at the side of a busy road and so on. Well, these are situations when accidents commonly occur and the tradie is injured. So, how can he be kept safe?

The answer to this question is Hi Vis clothing. Hi Vis (High Visibility) clothing are safety clothing that has high visibility features. These clothing are highly visible from a distance and easily discernible from any background. They would usually sport bright colours like fluorescent orange or yellow, that will stand out, thereby aiding easy visibility.

Hi Vis clothing is primarily of 3 types, based on its uses. They are Day Only, Day/Night and Night Only. Those clothing used for Day/Night and Night only purposes will have reflective tapes on them. These tapes can help in reflecting light back to its source, thereby enhancing the visibility of the wearer. These clothing are used when the tradie is working amidst moving traffic and in low light areas and conditions.

There are many types of Hi Vis clothing, and one among them is the Hi Vis Vests. Vests, as we all know are garments worn over other clothing and they are sleeveless garments. Vests can provide each of its wearers with the best comfort, be it any condition they are used for. For cold times, you can have polar vests, and for those hot conditions, you have the cotton ones. No matter what material they are made of, you can have the best safety with these garments.

Hi Vis Vests are one among the most sought after products in Australia. To cater to the increasing needs of the Aussies, many Australian brands have a great collection of quality Hi Vis Vests. Being designed for a tough industry and to comply with one of the world’s best safety standards has helped Australian products to stand out from the rest. Now, where can you purchase the best Hi Vis Vests from Australia’s famous brands?

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