What are the most versatile and functional of all garments? Well, they would surely be singlets. This is a type of clothing that is known all around the world in a variety of names and come in different styles too.

Singlets are the most popular of all garments of clothing and its popularity is mainly because of the functionality of these garments. These can be used for a wide variety of purposes, be it as active wear, casual wear or even as innerwear. These garments are also known as tank tops or A-shirts in some parts of the world.

Singlets can be distinguished by their shape and design. They are a one piece garment that is collarless, buttonless and pocketless. Singlets are also sleeveless and they cover the upper body. Singlets are also used in various sports and track-and-field events. We can see their application in basketball games and such. They can also be worn under a shirt for providing the wearer with warmth and comfort.

The application of singlets are mostly in sports and games, and they are used popularly as activewear. Being used for these purposes makes them to showcase strength and durability. They should also cater to all the needs of the wearers. The neck and armholes of singlets would have reinforced stitching that adds to the durability of the garment so that it easily functions and provides greater resistance to wear and tear.

Though singlets are originally intended to be used as innerwear, it has been accepted as public casual wear in warm locales. Wearing singlets along would also provide the wearer with unique styling. They are also usually worn as a part of casual wear while completing chores at home. Whatever be the purpose they are used for, they would cater to all needs with ease.

Singlets are also unisex garments, which means that they can be used both by men and women. Singlets designed for women will be in a slightly different shape than of men, so as not to let them appear vulgar.

Singlets are extensively used by men because they usually partake in physical activities and lead an active lifestyle. The increased popularity of gents singlets have made many manufacturing houses in Australian and abroad to bring out quality products that catered to the different needs of the people. This has further helped in their popularity.

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