It has been over 9 decades since the first polo shirt made its appearance. From the moment that the great qualities of the polo shirt were experienced by the people, it rose in popularity and still is considered as the most comfortable of all clothing.

One of the greatest features that would have provided polo shirts with immense popularity would be its versatility. This is a highly functional and versatile garment of clothing. Though the idea behind designing polos was to cater to the needs of the tennis players, thus act as active wear, it could also function as casual wear, workwear and many other needs with ease.

Polos are worn by all categories of people, and mostly by men. The need for high-quality polos has led to many brands designing and manufacturing high-quality products, with one among them being KingGee. To describe it in a few words, KingGee is one of the most loved and trusted brands in Australia.

KingGee is a brand that has got over 9 decades of experience in providing quality clothing to the Aussies. It is one of the brands in Australia that brings out a good collection of tough products that is designed to tackle all challenges thrown at them. Another great highlight is that these garments do not compromise a bit on quality or functionality.

All KingGee products are known for their quality and careful craftsmanship. Though this is a brand with lots of experience, it is always trying to evolve with each changes occurring in the work industry and the work environment. KingGee always tries to bring out premium products that provide comfort, durability and functionality, that helps you work at your best in all conditions.

One among the most sought after products from KingGee is polos. With KingGee being a brand that gives more importance to innovation and fabric technologies, you can find a great number of ranges that pushes the boundaries of garment development to new levels.

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