Personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing has become a rather essential requirement in the healthcare industry since the year 2020, even though it has been common in the fire services, emergency medical services (EMS), and military for quite some time.

We do understand, no equipment is always 100% appropriate for all individuals and threats, but it must be selected and properly used according to the setting of use and the level of risk.

PPE clothing is a very important component, protecting staff and other patients from COVID -19 cross -infection. Appropriate use can and will significantly reduce the risk of viral transmission. PPE clothing should logically be matched to the potential mode of viral transmission occurring during patient care – contact, droplet, or airborne.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing is a current hot topic – that is probably the most talked about and emotive subjects for frontline healthcare warriors that are working with patients with the COVID-19 disease.

It is important to protect our healthcare heroes from COVID-19

To keep our brave-hearts safe and prevent our healthcare services from crippling, we as a firm – a company who deal in medical safety uniforms wish to help our COVID’s Healthcare Heroes in delivering the best quality safety gear possible to each and every order placed with us.

Appropriate levels of PPE Standard infection control procedures must be followed for the PPE clothing one chooses, and we guarantee that these rules are in place when you choose PPE kits from Uniform Wholesalers. Those described here at our platform, are specific to reducing the risk of viral transmission to a healthcare worker. The PPE kits used in each of the settings must be appropriate to the mode of infection.

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