T-shirt trends are something that people are running after today. A T-shirt that gets the limelight around, can easily grab attention in the crowds. Keep t-shirt styles simple, precise and trendy. Simple things are easily attracted to eyes.

On today’s blog we take you through polo t-shirts and how polos can be teamed up with today’s dressing styles. A reason why one must opt for this dressing style in your wardrobes.


“Style is forever so is a polo t-shirt”

In the contemporary fashion world, its design has a casual as well as ceremonial approach, unlike the days when polo t-shirts came into existence. Initially starting its journey from a tennis court as an active wear for players to moving onto the golf course, getting its name with unique identity - the Oxford button-down apparels.

Formally manufactured in white colour adhering the stringent dress code in the field. After 24 years finally, polo t-shirts were dipped in other colours and reached the day-to-day life as casual wear apparel. In the course of time, the polo t-shirts started identifying itself as a uniform. It is very common to spot a good looking employee and an employer both donning a polo t-shirt.

Shelling out your entire wardrobe budget on a single polo t-shirts is not the idea to look different from the crowd. The idea is to style it distinctly different for various settings be it office, evenings, casual, games, a date or family outings. Classiness is the basic quality of this clothing which will reflect in your personality, no matter which brand you chose.


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