Hello and welcome to yet another blog from Budget Work Wear and we return back to where we left from the types of business attires. Stating there were mainly three types of business attires namely: Professional Dress, Business Casuals, Campus Casuals. Without any further discussion, let’s head straight on briefing our audiences what each attire type is all about.

  • Professional Dress

Also commonly known as the business formal dress code. Business professional attire is mostly the most conservative type of business wear formats. For women, business professional dressing means a business suit or pants suit, or an appropriate dress or even a good jacket. Coming to the menfolk, professional dress means a business suit or a blazer with accessories. 

It is utmost important to follow a business attire rule if you are working in an office that stands by it and you do not want to be seen as inappropriate that you don’t take your appearance seriously.

  • Business Casuals

Next up, business casual attire. This is a more relaxed version of the Professional Dress, but it doesn’t mean you’re actually going to be casual! This is likely going to be your office dress code if you work in a semi-conservative workplace, but some interviews and events may also call for business casual

Generally, business casual is a shirt with a collar and/or a sweater, khakis or dress pants, and nice shoes for women. Women can also sometimes wear a moderate-length dress or skirt. For men, business casual is usually a polo shirt or shirt with a collar and/or sweater, khakis or dress pants and dress shoes.

  • Campus casual  

Lastly, Campus casual is what you ideally won’t be wearing to work daily. This is the technical term for what you’re probably wearing every day as regular attires for off-office hours – jeans, tee shirts, sandals, sneakers. You may choose to wear campus casuals on some casual networking events. 

Ideally, you wish to stay away from this in the workplace and gear towards more conservative stuff. However, that doesn’t mean campus casual is wrong in a dressing sense. 


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