Protection for our feet is what we often give more importance to. This is why, be it, for casual needs or workwear needs, we always select the best footwear available in the industry. Footwear can not only provide protection to the wearer but also lend him a great style.

At the workplace, protection of feet is one of the most important things to be taken care of. With huge and heavy objects often passing through our hands, there are risks of them falling down and causing injuries. This can be countered by heavy duty work boots that provides complete protection for the feet at all times.

Footwears must never be PPE that adds stress to the feet but eases its stress and helps it to easily function. Some boots would be designed with traction features so that slipping is reduced, while some would have high shock absorbing features that lessens impact and shock on the feet and so on. Complete protection of the feet is what footwears are designed to do, and KingGee’s range of footwear does it the best.

The footwear from KingGee are the leaders in the industry. They are also the best-recommended footwear by the experts because of the quality they showcase. The boots from KingGee are endorsed by the Australian Podiatry Council. These boots provide the best protection to the feet and keep it safe at all times.

Each of the safety boots from KingGee undergoes strict testing to ensure that they fulfil all the checklists and standards of KingGee. Some of the features and tests conducted on these boosts are:

  • Safety Compliance - Each of the safety boot from KingGee and their components like fabric, sole, thread, lining, etc. complies to Australian and New Zealand Standards for protective and occupational footwear AS/NZS 2210.3:2009.
  • Bonding Test - The safety boots from KingGee undergoes bonding test where the amount of force required to separate the upper from the sole unit or to separate different layers within the sole unit is measured.
  • Compression Test - This test measures the resistance of a toe cap being compressed by an upper plate with high pressing force.
  • Impact Test - Each toe cap to be the best has to pass the impact resistance test explained in the standard AS/NZS 2210.3:2009. In this test, after the drop of a 20kg striker with a force of 200J, the clearance between your toes and the toe cap must be between 12.5mm to 15mm depending on sizes.

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