High visibility (Hi-Vis) is a feature sported by garments aimed at keeping the tradie safe at his workplace. These garments would sport bright colours that stand out from any background and reflective tapes that would reflect light in low light situations.

High visibility is a feature that is necessary across all industries, particularly those that require tradies to work amidst moving traffic or equipment operated by people. Hi-Vis garments come under the category of safety clothing, included in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The aim of PPE is to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection.

Hi-Vis feature is available across all sorts of garments like shirts, pants, coveralls, overalls, jackets, vests, tees, polos and such. Among all these, Hi-Vis Polos are one of the most functional and versatile garments. They can cater to any needs and protect the wearer at all times. The durability and comfort that this product provides the wearer with, helps it stay a class apart from the other products.

Hi-Vis Polos are one among the most sought-after products in Australia and you can purchase them from Budget Work Wear. Budget Work Wear is Australia’s best-loved online store that provides quality workwear, safety wear, casual clothing, team wear and many more at the best competitive prices in the industry.

At Budget Work Wear, we provide products from some best-loved brands in Australia. The Hi Vis Polos that we provide at our online store comes from brands such as:

  • Bisley Workwear - One of Australia’s most famous brands, Bisley is known for the principles that they follow while bringing out each of their products. They rely on “old-fashioned ideas” like quality, exceptional service and value for money. These values are combined with innovative technologies and high-quality fabrics to bring out the best products. These have made Bisley one of Australasia’s most trustworthy, solid and honest brands.
  • DNC Workwear - This is one of Australia’s most tough brands that has a range of products capable enough to take on everything thrown at them by the work environment. As the brand name suggests (DNC - Durable N Comfortable), this brand is all about providing the best durable and comfortable products to its customers. If you need to tame the workplace or conquer every job, there is no brand better than DNC Workwear.
  • Hard Yakka - Only the hard-working brand knows what a hard working tradie would need. Being a hardworking brand helps Hard Yakka to provide the tradies exactly with what they need and help them stay safe. With almost 90 years of experience in catering to the clothing needs of the Aussies, Hard Yakka has become a name synonymous with quality, toughness and durability. A constant desire to improve at all times has made this one of the most popular brands in Australia.
  • JB’s Wear - For over 20 years, JB’s Wear has been a brand that revolutionized the Australian workwear industry. This brand has an “apparel for everyone” for all needs, making it the go-to brand in Australia. What JB’s Wear provides each of its customers with are industry leading garments that complies to the various industry and safety standards. These products also exceeds all quality expectations, making it much popular with the people.
  • KingGee - With over 90 years of experience under its belt, KingGee is a brand that provides Aussies with the best quality products that are uncompromising in quality and comfort. This is a brand that has evolved with each change in the work industry so that their customers will only get the best products from them. The products from KingGee are engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality that enables each tradie to work to their best in all conditions.
  • Syzmik - The newest entrant to an already competitive workwear and safety wear industry, Syzmik is a brand that has asserted its position as a powerful competitor. With a great range of products that “work as hard as you”, Syzmik has brought about a change in the workwear and safety wear industries. What makes this brand popular is that it provides the best  comfort and durability that helps the tradies to work hard.
  • Winning Spirit - To win each competition, you need the best spirit to win, and Winning Spirit brand has one. This brand is all about providing the best workwear, safety wear, casual clothing and much more for the various needs of the people. Designed in the best styles with the highest quality fabrics make Winning Spirit one of the best brands for quality products in Australia.

From Budget Work Wear, you can purchase a lot of Hi Vis Polos from these leading brands. Some of the products from our varied collection are Syzmik ZH231 Unisex Day Only Basic Polo - Short Sleeve - 3 Pack, DNC Hi Vis Stripe Panel Cool Breathe Polo, S/S (3979), Bisley 2 Tone Hi Vis Polo Shirt - Short Sleeve-(BK1234), JB's Hi Vis Short Sleeve Spider Polo - Adults (6HSP), JB's Adults Hi Vis Non Cuff Traditional Polo (6HVNC), DNC Polyester Cotton Panel S/S Polo Shirt (5214), Syzmik ZH232 Unisex Day Only Basic Polo - Long Sleeve - 3Pack, DNC HiVis Two Tone Fluoro Polo Shirt, Micromesh, L/S (3813), JB's Hi Vis S/S Arm Tape Polo - Adults (6AT4S), King Gee Hi Vis Spliced Colour Sun Protect Polo-(K5422H-1)-3 Pack, JB's Hi Vis Long Sleeve Trad Polo - Adults (6HVPL), JB's Hi Vis Long Sleeve Arm Panel Polo - Adults (6AP4L), JB's Hi Vis S/S Arm Panel Polo - Adults (6AP4S), DNC HiVis Two Tone Fluoro Polo Shirt, Micromesh, S/S (3811) and much more, which are some of the best selling products with us.

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