Workplaces and its immediate surroundings are the places where there is a greater risk of accidents occurring. It is, therefore, necessary that a tradie is equipped with the necessary equipment that helps him to overcome these risks, and one among them is Hi-Vis clothing.

Hi-Vis stands for high visibility. As the name indicates, it is the property of a garment that helps it to be easily visible by others. This helps others to become aware of the presence of the tradie or the wearer. The hi-vis property is achieved by fabrics sporting bright colours that are easily discernible from any background, or by taping reflective tapes. For occupational safety purposes, Hi-Vis garments are used when the wearer is working amidst moving traffic or equipment, or in dark areas and low light conditions.

To ensure the best protection to the tradies, hi-vis clothing should comply with certain industry standards. The Australian industry states that Hi-Vis fabrics and materials of tapes should be manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 standards. The Hi-Vis garments should be manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, for the day only, night only and day/night use.

Many garments of clothing come as hi-vis garments and one among them is T-shirts. T-shirts, or tees, are functional garments worn by a huge number of people, worldwide. The garment got its name thanks to the ‘T’ shape that its body and sleeves represent. This garment usually has short sleeves and a round neckline, without a collar. As tees are generally made of light fabrics, they are easy to wear and light on the body.

The popularity of tees and the comfort it provides has helped it to be considered as a functional and durable safety clothing. Apart from using it for work-related purposes, you can also hi-vis tees for casual needs like while out cycling in the traffic and such. It can help the other passengers notice the cyclist easily and keep a safe distance.

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