Shopping for clothes in-between seasons is tricky to master, because when all four seasons can legitimately happen in one day, you are near guaranteed to get some undesirable mash-up of weather.

A jackets purpose may be to keep warm in cold weather, but that’s not all. They help protect from the icy air, rain and wind, a jacket can also complete the outfit and showcase one’s personality. Of course, choosing the right style is essential, which is not an easy task with so many options available. Jackets are the middleweight prize fighters of your wardrobe. Choosing winter wear allows for a better mix and match items you would probably love.

Check out some of the best options for winter wear jackets.

Bomber Jacket

Bombers jackets have been one of the most sought-after outerwear designs for the last couple of years, because they are in tune with menswear’s current preoccupation with all things laid-back. Whether one wears it as a street wear look or use one to wear under an Oxford shirt, tailored trousers and loafers, with a Bomber Jacket one can carry it off with any dress code.

Field Jacket

Absolute wardrobe classics - these field jackets manage to sit pretty season after season, completely avoiding new fashion styles according to the weather. This midweight style is more than happy to play nice with spring and summer staples alike.

The Coach Jacket

The coach jacket may not have the household-name status of the varsity jacket, but it is more famous worn by sports coaches as they paced the touchline. Practicality is at the design’s heart: being lightweight and waterproof is non-negotiable for these all-seasons. Designs are there in coach jackets from sideline to star player.

Technical Jacket

Technical fabrics make for excellent trans-seasonal companions thanks to their ability to multitask: they can be worn come rain or shine, over a T-shirt or on top like layers, depending on the forecast. Both high-end designers and street wear have fallen hard for the style’s charm.

Biker Jacket

Asymmetric, and close to the body, the leather biker jacket has proven to be one of the most timeless pieces of menswear over the last century. It’s one of those trans-seasonal garments that can be thrown on with anything and instantly makes you look infinite degrees more smarter.


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