Make a good impression by choosing the right accessories! 

When you dress, dress only for success. This includes your outfit, personal grooming and accessories. Accessories help make a personal statement speaking for you! When companies pay attention to detailing such things to perfection so should you. Remember, even the briefcase you select says something about who you are.

Looking shabby or like you just came from the grocery store, conveys a message that you may not take business meetings seriously.

The following are some tips for adding accessories to your business wardrobe that will help you look your very best in all situations…


It is fine to choose stylish tasteful scarves for your office, just make sure they are accessory scarves and not winter wear. Opt to tie your scarf in an infinity knot or go with a simple knot - resist the urge to be trendy and tuck it into your belt.

Business attire complimenting jewellery

One must avoid large or costume jewellery. Choosing earrings, choose conservative and small patterns. Same thing with the necklaces and bracelets, they should not dangle between cleavage and bracelets should not make noise. Do not wear ankle bracelets choose a watch instead.


Purse colours must be coordinated preferably with your footwear colours. A good purse should be small, but easy to open in case you need to find any item inside.


A very prominent styling accessory for a business woman. Makes one look niche and ready for business. Team up belts with your trouser look or a neat business wear dress and you are business ready.


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