Ensuring a workers’ safety so that he follows all the worker safety protocol is maintaining their safety in the long run by the employer.

Making sure an employee / worker always wears the right protective gear  - coveralls based on the work they perform with the right guidelines and safety norms must be maintained by the employer.

Coverall uniforms are no exception. Wearing them is vitally important for minimising the risk of workplace injuries. And for obeying the law as well.

Quick note! There are many industries and professions that require workers to wear specialized gear to help keep them safe as they do their jobs.

A large number of these injuries could have been prevented by using PPE including coverall uniforms. Non-compliance issues stem for various reasons. 

Gain better knowledge of why we are stressing for the protective coveralls for each and every worker working that needs to be maintained by every employer.


  • Identification of team members

When all the crew members of a company dress in similar coveralls, it is easy to identify them when necessary. A benefit such as this is especially important when there are others on board besides just your team.

  • Help prevent burns

Risks of heat and fire are identified as workplace hazards. You should use coveralls made of heat-resistant material. They are designed to withstand heat and resist burning. This highly protective clothing will help reduce bodily injury during fire incidents.

They are an absolute must for people working around flammable materials, in welding or metal casting industries etc.

  • Protection against extreme temperature and weather conditions

Working in harsh weather conditions can have harmful and even fatal consequences. And outdoor workers can sometimes face the risks of hypothermia, frostbite, etc.

Protective suits must be used to protect against adverse weather and temperature extremes.

Wondering how to choose between the types of coverall suits? Weather conditions, activity duration and job design should all be taken into account. Based in Australia and New Zealand. Interested in purchasing this for your team?

YES, we can certainly fulfill the requirement. We have a variety of coveralls and this type of uniform specification for the same:

Get full coverage in these tough, poly-cotton coveralls with functionality principle at their core. Our coveralls come with,

  • Organiser pockets
  • All stress points bar-tacked
  • Left chest pocket with pencil partition
  • Nickel plated gripper studs
  • Large tool pocket lower leg. Metal press studs.
  • Raglan sleeves & elasticised back waist
  • Utility pocket
  • Double layer of fabric on knees
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • Reinforced pocket lining & two side pockets
  • Fabric ranging from 200 – 310 gsm with combination of cotton and polyster depending on the brand purchased.

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