There is always a question as to what to wear to an interview for either a job or internship.  Remember the tag line You need to dress for success!  It is true that how you dress for an interview is just as important as what’s on your resume. First impressions are always your last impressions. So it’s important that you carry yourself smartly.

It is said as soon as you enter your First impressions are formed in 7 seconds. Things are finalized by the tone of voice on what you actually say, and the rest comes from your Resume and your answering skills. In short, more than half of every first impression is based on how you look!

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First, being prepared on what to wear to your interview should be your first step. And for this you have to do some homework and research!

How candidates and employees should dress different offices and industries  have different expectations. Depending on the company, industry, and location the appropriate dress code can vary greatly.

Try to talk to other people who have worked there if possible, or check out what current employees are wearing if you want!

If you are called in the fashion industry, If it’s a designer, know their line and what it represents. If it’s a PR agency, know their clients and their styles, etc. To make your own wardrobe choices this will definitely help you.

Job Interview Dress Code Basics

Depending on your job call, the expected dress code varies.

These are a few general tips all should keep in mind.

  • Your blazers, trousers, pencil skirts, blouses, and sheath dresses are classic professional pieces. So, try as much as possible to stick on to them.
  • Remember! Simple and basic accessories add to your personality
  • You’re classic pumps, flats or your closed toe shoes worn in a neutral colour. You can never go wrong with them. It is better to walk confidently and in which you are comfortable.
  • Your skirts and dresses should not be too short or too long
  • A blazer adds formality to your overall look

Hope this has given you a lot of ideas on what to choose for the next time you head for a job interview.


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