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Footwear is one of the most popular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE is equipment designed to keep the wearer safe from injuries and hazards. Footwear, as we all know, help to protect the feet of the tradies and tread workplaces with ease.

Work shoes and Safety boots protect the foot and leg from hazards like chemicals, falling objects or compression. These shoes would commonly have steel toes so that the front of the boot is always protected and the protection is, in turn, provided to the toes. They could also come as lace-ups and elastic side boots.

In industrial work sites, footwear is one of the most important and necessary PPE. To ensure that the trades are provided with the best protection, they should purchase the best footwear from the best brands. Well, Australia’s most loved and trusted brands are none other than KingGee and Hard Yakka.

KingGee is a brand that was born in Australia and all about providing the best products to its customers. Well, they began their service from 1926 onwards and is now considered as the best brand in Australia. Their quality service has helped KingGee to be a part of the proud Australian history.

The sole aim of KingGee brand is to bring out a great collection of products that are the best in quality and functionality. KingGee ensures that each of its customers is provided with everything they desire and look for. Each product from KingGee is designed to tackle all the challenges thrown at them. Along with it, they have taken great care to ensure the comfort each of its wearers gets, as “Comfort is King”.

KingGee takes great care in designing, developing and manufacturing each of its products. This is also true about its boots. The safety boots developed by KingGee is designed in compliance with the latest Australia and New Zealand Standards for protective and occupational footwear. Each of their safety boots complies with AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 standards.

Hard Yakka is a brand that displays the true spirit of Aussies, a spirit that never gives up, but strives hard to face and outdo each challenge thrown at them. This spirit is reflected through their name, which translates to hard work, with ‘yakka’ being the aboriginal word for work. This brand began its journey in the 1930s.

Though the brand began as a small clothing company, the spirit that drove it forward was to produce workwear that excelled in all departments and led the way in every area. This brand was constantly striving to bring out the best always, and it helped the brand name be synonymous with quality, toughness and durability.

With many brands that have been in service for long, we can find complacency and lethargy creeping in, but not with Hard Yakka. Despite being almost 9 decades old, this brand is one that constantly searches for new ways to improve the product range that they have. They try to improve and evolve with each change occurring the work industry so that their customers are provided with whatever they need.

After years of providing unmatched safety to the Aussie working population with a wide range of workwear and safety wear products, Hard Yakka came out with a range of footwear which matched the safety of their workwear. Though it has only just been about 2 decades since the introduction of the first Hard Yakka footwear, it has become one of the most favoured footwears in Australia.

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