With workplaces harbouring many risks to the tradies’ health, it has become imperative that steps be taken to stay safe. Safety and protection at the workplace can be achieved by any means, and one among them is wearing safety clothing.

Safety clothing is a type of Personal Protective Equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. Personal Protective Equipment helps to reduce the employee’s exposure to hazards when all other methods are not effective to reduce those risks to acceptable levels. Personal Protective Equipment but does not eliminate the hazard at the source.

Personal Protective Equipment like safety clothing imposes a barrier between the wearer and the working environment. It can help in ensure safe and healthy working conditions. Safety shirts are a type of Personal Protective Equipment designed to provide the wearer with the best protection. Safety shirts mostly would be high visibility shirts.

High Visibility shirts, as the name implies, have high visibility properties that helps others to easily see the wearer. These shirts would sport colours that are too bright and would be easily discernible from any background. These colours can aid in the high visibility during day times, and for night times, these shirts would have reflective tapes that can reflect the light back to its source. As high visibility shirts are mostly used while the tradie is working amidst moving traffic, or equipment, these clothes can reflect the light from cars and other vehicles.

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