Polos are mostly unisex garments, designed to easily cater to the various needs of all genders and categories of people. Polos were originally designed as activewear, as apparel for tennis players, intended to provide them with the best comfort and ease of play.

The then used apparels for tennis matches were called as ‘tennis whites’ and they included a long sleeve white button up shirts, flannel shorts and ties. During matches, the players used to roll up the sleeves of their shirt, so as to get the maximum range of motion with it. But the tendency of those sleeves to roll down created discomfort to the players and hindered their ease of play.

To overcome these situations, a new type of clothing was used for tennis matches and it was designed and first introduced by Rene Lacoste, who himself was a tennis player. The apparel he designed was of short sleeves and created of loosely-knit pique cotton, with a protruding collar, a buttoned placket, and a shirt-tail longer in the back than in the front. Using this dress, he was able to reduce all discomfort levels he faced earlier and thus the polo shirt was born.

Polo shirts are also known as tennis shirt and a golf shirt. The aim of polo shirts was to provide high levels of comfort while being a highly durable and functional garment. For added comfort, there was the provision of loosening the soft collar by unbuttoning the placket, and the collar could also be worn upturned to protect the neck from the sun.

Polos can also easily cater for casual purposes also, and it is even considered as the standard clothing for golf. They are highly functional and versatile and so polos are one of the most popular garments for all types of people. For men who engaged more in an active lifestyle, polos became an important garment. They also were used for a variety of other purposes too. It served equally as informal wear, casual wear and many other purposes. An increase in the demand for polos has witnessed many brands bringing out quality polos for men, and also women and kids.

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Biz Collection is a brand that truly knows style, where form meets function. Biz Collection ensures that it only provides the best products for its customers by strictly testing each fabric for its quality and the standards their fabrics are maintaining. This brand is all about providing quality apparels that are laden with energy, ideas, variety and styles.

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