The popular demand has won the cause and the popular ones are back in town. Wondering what is being referred here? Well, it is the ever popular KingGee 3 Pack garments that were your favourite at Budget Work Wear.

Budget Work Wear, Australia’s most trusted online store has always been of the search of new and better ways to serve you. We have a good collection of products that come from some of the best loved brands in Australia, and that which you can purchase at the best prices in the industry. We are all about providing you with a better shopping experience and our 3 Packs deal is one aimed at it.

Now, what is a 3 Packs deal? Well, it is an awesome deal where you can purchase your favourite products in packs of 3. Each item listed in this deal comes in 3 numbers, making it a better purchase option for groups. Well, for individuals who have to wear the same garment for work every day, this deal would become much the more useful.

Another awesome feature of our 3 Packs deal is that it comes from KingGee brand. KingGee is Australia’s best loved brand that has been in service for over 90 years. The brand began its operations in 1926 and was born out of “humble beginnings”. But it did not take much time for the brand to rise in popularity and be the favourite of the Aussies.

The popularity of KingGee brand was mainly due to each of  its products that were known for their quality and the careful craftsmanship with which they were designed. From the first product this brand launched to the garments that they manufacture now, this care can be seen, and to do so for over 9 decades is no mean task.

With each change occurring in the work environment, KingGee has taken care to evolve and change accordingly so that none of its customers or the tradies who rely on this brand would be in need of comfort and protection. Each of the products that you would get from this brand is engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality, which would enable you to work at your best in all conditions.

KingGee is a brand that leads the industrial workwear industry, but still it is on the search for new ways that would help the brand to produce more quality products and push the limits of garment development. With some awesome ranges like Workcool Hyperfreeze, Tradies Utility Range etc. KingGee is all about producing innovative products that is the best and unrivaled in all areas.

KingGee 3 Packs is one of the most sought after product collections at Budget Work Wear. the products that you can purchase with us are KingGee Tradie Summer Short- 100% Cotton Drill 190gsm (K17290-1), KingGee Workcool 2 Shirt S/s - Cotton Ripstop (K14825-1), KingGee Workcool 2 Shirt L/S - Cotton Ripstop (K14820-1), King Gee Hi Vis Spliced Colour Sun Protect Polo-(K5422H-1), KingGee Workcool 2 Pants (K13820-1), KingGee Workcool 2 Shorts (K17820-1), King Gee Tradies Shirt S/S (K14355-1), King Gee Narrow Tradie Pant (K13280-1), King Gee Tradie Sum Shorts (K17340-1), KingGee Workcool 2 Spliced Shirt L/s - Cotton Ripstop (K54870-1), KingGee Workcool 2 'hoop' Tape Shirt L/s - Cotton Ripstop Fabric (K54880-1), King Gee Work Cool S/S Polo Shirt (K54205-1), King Gee Hyperfreeze Spliced L/S Polo-(K54235-1) and the KingGee Workcool 2 Reflective Spliced Shirt S/S ( K54875-1).

From Budget Work Wear, you can avail quality product customization services. The services that we provide are  Embroidery Services and Screen Print services that you can avail at the best rates. In our embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery.  We have a pricing structure that can help you save more, the more you order and we do not charge any setup fees for this service. We also do not have any minimum quantities.

In Screen Print services, you can avail 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print services. We have a minimum quantity of 15 items to avail this service because screen print is best for bulk quantity printing. Our pricing structure helps you to save more as the more orders you place and we also have a one time setup fee for this service.

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