Stubby is a term much familiar for the Aussies. This familiarity is what led to the popularity of Stubbies brand name. Not only this, but a great role was also played by the first product the brand brought out.

The first product to come out from the Stubbies brand was a pair of short shorts. The shorts was designed to cater to even the toughest jobs and stay durable at all times. Coming in a short short style, what the wearers got was extraordinary comfort. The short came out in 1972, and from there there was no looking back for the brand.

Though the first Stubbies product came out in 1972, the brand has been providing Aussies with quality men’s and kids wear from 1939. By the 1940s they ventured out into producing workwear which has played an integral part in popularising the brand name even more. With the Australian work conditions boasting of tough conditions, workwear should be equipped with everything that caters to these needs while providing great comfort to the wearer.

Stubbies brand has been able to achieve this through each of their products. This commitment and the quality that each product delivered made Stubbies brand a standout name in Australia and one of the most sought after brands. This has also helped them be considered as an Australian icon and as an Australian institution.

What helps Stubbies brand to stand out from the rest of the brands in Australia is that it has a great collection of products that caters to all the needs of the people. In short, Stubbies has a range of products that caters to needs of “work, rest and play”. What this brand believes is to keep everything simple, but yet deliver the best.

Each of the workwear, safety wear or any other you are purchasing from Stubbies would be made with the best fabrics and laden with all innovative features that would make all tough works a breeze. Moreover they comply to all industrial safety standards so that each of its customers would be provided with the best safety and protection at all times.

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