PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, is that equipment that is designed to keep the wearer’s body from injury or harm. PPE are of many types and they are used for work purposes or also its application can also be found in sports and other recreational activities.

Some types of PPE are Gloves, eyewear, headwear, guards, pads, shields and such. Gloves are one of the most important and famous of PPE that has been used for so long, with many historians claiming it to be used in the B.C’s. Gloves provide the best protection to the whole hand, and with many recreational activities like hand to hand combat common during the olden days, some type of primitive gloves could have been used.

Gloves come with separate sheaths or openings for each finger and the thumb; but there are also those with no covering, or a short sheath for each finger, which are called fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves are useful where additional deftness of the hand is required that gloves would restrict.

Gloves are made from many materials that are designed to provide extra protection to the wearer and added comfort. Gloves are made of materials including cloth, wool, leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, and such. You can also come across gloves with kevlar that would protect the wearer from accidental cuts. Not only for work-related purposes, but gloves have also become a great element for fashion purposes.

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