Aprons are functional garments associated with kitchen and cooking. These garments have been used from the earlier days itself and are worn over other clothing so as to prevent staining of clothing or skin.

Apron mainly covers the front of the body and can serve multiple purposes. Aprons can be of different types, but the most popular ones are waist aprons and bib aprons. Waist aprons cover only the body from the waist down, while bib aprons would cover the upper body too. They can also be used as a decorative garment, for hygienic reasons and protection from excessive heat.

A highly functional accessory, aprons can provide wearers with great comfort, a sense of preparedness and protection. It has always been the go-to garment for people who work, clean, entertain and create. It thereby has become a functional accessory for chefs and it is also used inside the house, as it is used outside. With many people starting to do their own chores, like cooking, cleaning and other things like gardening, aprons are being used extensively.

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