What distinguishes an Australian tradie from the others? Well, it would be that the Australian tradie would work hard at all times and put all their effort into completing the job. For these hardworking tradies, the best companion would be hard working clothing. But, is there any type of workwear that fulfils this criterion?

Well, the good news is that there is a brand in Australia that is much famed for bringing out workwear which works as hard as the tradie wearing it. The brand is nothing else but Syzmik Workwear. Syzmik Workwear is a brand that is just over a couple of years old in the Australian workwear industry, but today it has become a name to be reckoned with.

The huge and instant successes behind Syzmik Workwear was that it provided the people with what they needed the most. Being a part of the global fashion house, Fashion Biz, Syzmik Workwear knew the trends and the pulses of the Australian work industry, and what the tradies wished for the most.

Syzmik has been providing Aussies with high quality, comfortable and durable workwear and safety wear. This has made the people trust in the brand a lot and believe that it would keep them safe, warm and dry at all times. This quality has undoubtedly reformed the workwear industry and all the products in it.

Each product of Syzmik Workwear is strictly tested, continuously for its safety compliance, durability and the comfort it provides. Through the use of innovative fabric technologies and fabrics that undergo stringent testing, Syzmik Workwear makes sure that their products are the most reliable, as the tradie’s safety and health depend on the workwear. To meet the needs of hardworking tradies in the various workplace across Australia, Syzmik Workwear brings out products that comply with all industry safety standards.

Syzmik Workwear has a great collection of products and one among them is work shirts. The work shirts from Stubbies Workwear have 120% more breathability and 190% more tearing strength than traditional work shirts. It can help in providing the wearer with awesome comfort while ensuring that the shirt is tough and durable. Let us meet one among the awesome collection of work shirts from Syzmik brand.

The Syzmik Lightweight Tradie Gents Shirt is one of the awesome products from the brand. As the name suggests, it is made of lightweight fabric that provides the best comfort to the wearer and easy working times.

This shirt is made 100% cotton twill fabric that is lightweight and weighs a mere 145gsm. The shirt has triple stitched seams that ensures great durability and strength for this work shirt. The large multi-function chest pockets can help you to carry your necessities around without much trouble. For the best styling, the fabric has been fade tested.

One great feature of the shirt is the underarm vent eyelets that helps in letting in cool air while expelling hot air out. This can help keep you cool and comfortable, even if you are involved in heavy manual labour. The extended curve shirt back can add to the style and help the shit to stay tucked in. The shirt fabric also complies to the AS/NZ 4399 standards and has a UV protection rating of 50+.

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