T-shirts or tees are one of the most worn garments of clothing used today around the world. What has led to the popularity of tees is its simple build and lightweight structure that helps it to lay easy on the body of the wearers. Tees are also designed to provide the best comfort to the wearers.

Tees are a style of unisex fabrics which derives its name from the shape that its body and sleeves represent. The common characteristics of tees would be that it normally has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck. Tees lack a collar and are made mostly of cotton, and would be a light fabric that is much easy to clean.

The evolution of T-shirts can be traced back to the undergarments that have been in use during the 19th century and by the mid 20th century, it transitioned from an undergarment to general-use casual clothing.

With tees being one of the most sought after garments, many Australian brands have come out with high quality products that showcased awesome functionality and comfortability. One among these brands is Biz Collection, which is one of the best brands in Australia.

Biz Collection is a brand that has been on the forefront of manufacturing high quality products for the Kiwi and Australian market from 1989. This is a brand that knows style. Biz Collection is undoubtedly one of the best brands in Australia with a great collection of products that are second to none in terms of quality and style.

What we can find from this brand are quality uniforms, teamwear and promotional apparels that caters to various needs. Being an in-house brand of the renowned Fashion Biz manufacturing house, Biz Collection clearly knows what the people need and delivers exactly that. Each apparel from Biz Collection is laden with energy, ideas, variety and styles and are designed to suit multiple business and team applications.

What Biz Collection believes in is providing outstanding quality because they believe in a “roundabout way” philosophy. They believe that if only the best is provided to the people would they come back for more. This has been proved true and helped Biz Collection to be one of the most sought after brands in Australia.

At Budget Work Wear you can find a great collection of products from Biz Collection, with one among them being tees. What makes Biz Collection the best online store is that we have a great collection of products that you can purchase at the best competitive prices in the industry.

From the many collection of products from Biz Collection, let us meet the Aero tee, one of the new styles developed by Biz Collection. The Aero range boasts of quality products that are as light as the air, and designed to provide you with the best comfort. The Aero Tee comes in two styles, the Biz Collection Mens Aero Tees (T800MS) and the Biz Collection Ladies Aero Tees (T800LS).

The Aero Tee sports a 100% Cotton-feel Micro Polyester fabric that provides the best comfort and showcases the best durability. Well the fabric also comes with the trademarked Biz Cool feature that keeps you cool with its breathable and moisture wicking properties. What more would you need from a performance and casual garment?

This tee has a lightweight of 160 GSM which makes wearing comfortable and easy. It also provides good protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Though this tee appears to be blank and basic, it delivers a style that none other can possibly match. For a contemporary update, this classic t-shirt style has been remastered with cotton feel fabric and subtle marle pattern.

The Aero Tee comes in a modern athletic fit with flat-locked shoulder seams that offers less friction and increased comfort for the wearer. For the men’s style, the tee comes in a crew neck style, while for the ladies it is the popular V-neck. For ladies, the tee is designed with a low profile neck binding for a clean and simple look.

This t-shirt is designed for a better style, thanks to the anti-shrink and anti-fade fabric. With just the right fit, it will ensure that you would look your best, no matter what the activity you are engaged in. This is undoubtedly one of the best tees available in the market.

The Mens Aero Tees (T800MS) and the Ladies Aero Tees (T800LS) are available in as many as 11 colour options so that you have plenty of options to choose from. The sizes available in Mens Aero Tees ranges from XS-5XL and for Ladies Aero Tees it ranges from 6-24.

All Biz Collection products come as ready to decorate garments and the Aero tee is one too. The smooth finish of this fabric is perfect for embroidery or screen printing. To avail the best product customization services, you can partner with Budget Work Wear.

At Budget Work Wear, we provide Embroidery Services and Screen Print services that you can avail at the best rates. In our embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery.  We have a pricing structure that can help you save more, the more you order and we do not charge any setup fees for this service. We also do not have any minimum quantities.

In Screen Print services, you can avail 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print services. We have a minimum quantity of 15 items to avail this service because screen print is best for bulk quantity printing. Our pricing structure helps you to save more as the more orders you place and we also have a one time setup fee for this service.

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