There was a belief that workplaces, mainly the trade industries, were only for men. These industries that test the limits of the tradies and push the boundaries of their abilities are not only for men, but also for women. Well, this is particularly true now, when we can see an increase in the number of women engaged in jobs in these industries.

With more women engaged in tasks in these industries, what would keep them safe? What would then keep them safe if they need to work in low light conditions are dark areas? Well, the answer is Hi Vis clothing. Hi Vis clothing are garments that come with bright and contrasting colours to keep the wearer visible and help others be aware of the tradie’s presence.

There are many categories of Hi Vis clothing, and one among them is Hi Vis Shirts. There are Hi Vis Shirts specifically designed to cater to the many needs of women. These shirts are designed according to the latest style and fashion trends that impart a more flattering and feminine look. In order to provide the best protection to the wearers, high visibility safety shirts and other hi vis clothing should comply to all the industrial safety standards.

Hi Vis clothing are designed for the industrial work conditions. This has helped them to have features like highly resistant to wear and tear, and abrasions. The durability is also matched with awesome comfort. For comfort, these garments would sport breathable fabrics and would also have mesh vent inserts in high heat stress areas. This ensures that you are cool and comfortable at all times. These garments would also have awesome UV protection qualities and come with good to excellent UPF rating.

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KingGee is a brand that tries to evolve with each change occurring in the work environment. This is a brand that wishes to keep its customers head of the changing trends and fashion so that they would never be in want of something. With a pride and expertise second to none, this brand brings out a great range of products that ensures that you work at your best in all conditions.

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