What often matters is how well each thing is done, and not how many times each thing is done. If things are done only once, and in the best way, then the person doing it will be considered as the best. Well, this could be the reason why KingGee brand is highly regarded across Australia.

As a brand, KingGee started its journey almost 90 years ago. An experienced veteran in the Australian workwear and clothing industry, KingGee is all about providing the people with exactly what they need. It is why this brand has adapted to the changes that occurred in the industry and developed products that provided to these changing needs.

Each of the products from KingGee brand is well renowned for their high quality and careful craftsmanship. With a passion and expertise second to none, you can have premium products from KingGee that are engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality. These qualities can help you to perform well and work at your best in all conditions.

KingGee, even though being the unchallenged leaders of the industrial workwear industry, are always on the search for new ways to push the boundaries of garment development to new levels. Though it has been a very long time since its launch, this brand still develops apparels with the same pride and care they had whilst developing their first product.

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