It is a question that we have been asked loads of times – whether to use embroidery or use screen printing for apparel decoration. Both these are two different methods used to decorate an apparel and they have their own application and benefits.


As you are well aware of, embroidery is the means of decorating an apparel using thread and needle. It is one of the best preferred ways to decorate a shirt as it looks classy and nice on the apparel, say shirt. As the thread also has a dimension, the embroidered design would appear to be three dimensional and as the embroidery thread is coated, it’s colour would stand out thus making it eye catchy. 

Logo embroidery is most often used for uniforms or other promotional wears. Embroidered logos go well with polo shirts, button-down shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and jackets. As embroidery is measured by the stitch count, its price will be proportional to the number of stitches; the bigger the size, more the stitches, the more the cost.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a stencil method of print making, where a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh. The blank areas will be coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface, usually a t-shirt. Screen printing can be done for any type of artwork in which the colours can be separated; Screen print appears flat on the t-shirt, they won’t produce any dimensional effect but the size of the print can be A4 or even A3. 

When it comes to pricing, the more shirts you have to print, the lower the printing cost per shirt. However, more colors in a design and multiple areas to be designed drives up the printing cost. It is easier to be done on t-shirts and sweat shirts as they have a fine surface. For more information on pricing, please visit, 


As an ending note we would like to add that for small quantities of designs, embroidery works better as it is much classier as well as cheaper. For larger quantities and big complex designs, you can go for screen printing.